You must follow the rules within LifestyleRP. Not doing so will result in a temporary or permenant ban. Please read them carefully before joining the server. Thank you!


1. No RDM/VDM.
2. No combat logging.
3. Stealing cop cars will result in a kick.
4. Killing an EMS will get you immediately banned.
5. Don’t spam call/messages departments on your phone.
6. Do not cop bait, Only kill cops in RP situations.
7. Do not rob/kill/kidnap the same Person within 30mins.
8. Always report to an admin if you receive large amount of money as it may be modded.
9. A Microphone is required to play on this server.
10. Do not powergame or metagame these are bannable offenses.
11. Value your life at all times.
12. If you are getting robbed, you must value your life unless you think its safe to protect yourself.
13. Do not rob someone at their workplace or steal their work related items/vehicles. And you can’t rob police officers.
14. If you are on a whitelisted job, you must always make it clear if you are on duty or not.
15. The Public Garage, legion square, hospital and Police department are GREEN ZONES. No robbing, killing or commiting any form of crime.
16. Don’t misuse the chat. /ooc is not a conversation place and neither is /tweet, Take each other’s phone numbers.
17. You must change your clothes after creating a character, It is not allowed to be default.
19. Stay in character at all times don’t break character. You can only break character if you are in an admin sit
20.If someone vdm/rdm you put in ooc you got vdm/rdm and someone on the staff team or above will come
21. You are not allowed to camp truckers delivery points. This is unfair on the people doing the runs
22.You are not allowed to kidnap a cop if there is only two cops on
23. Walking around the city with Big guns on your back is Fail RP we dont see this in the uk please store them in your car
24. You can only represent your friend as a lawyer if you are not a part of the situation
25. If you are caught duplicating guns money or cars you will be issued a ban and if you apply for an un-ban and get unbanned your character will get a a full reset and you will start off scratch.
26.If you kill someone for no-reason and there is no roleplay behind it you will be banned
27. If you find any glitches please report them to staff either in-game or discord
28. Do not target people

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