Los Santos Job Centre

Welcome to the Los Santos Job Centre, the best place to apply for the best jobs. Below is a list of the jobs we currently have on offer in the city. All you have to do is choose which job is suitable for you and click on the button to apply. If you are looking for a new job, then simply scroll down the menu and click apply to another job. This will automatically enrole you into your new job.

If you are not in the mood for working and have no interest in your job anymore, then feel free to quit your job!

Los Santos Bus Service

We are currently looking for employees that are kind, generous and have a lot of patience with the general public. We all work as a team and try to deliver the best transport service in Los Santos. You will be required to be able to drive a Bus/Coach. The salary is based on how many jobs you do

Taxi Service

We are looking for a few people out there willing to give up some time to help others around the city. The job is highly reliant on your fare. The hourly wage starts at 5$, but that does not include tips/commission or fares. Apply to the Los Santos Taxi Service today and meet new people!

Trucker Delivery

Join Trucker Delivery today and earn money travelling the roads and highways of Los Santos and beyond. We require our truckers to drive far distances and deliver food to supermarkers or Furniture to You-Tool. The slary is based on how many jobs you do.

Garbage Collection

Thinking of getting your hands dirty? well look no closer than the Garbage collection agency! hourly wage starts at 5$, but that does not include every bag collected!

Chihuahua Hotdogs

We are looking for someone to man our hotdog cart! We need someone for the job that is willing to work in all weather conditions selling our very own homemade hotdogs! 10$ hourly wage, plus all tips and commission (Including all hotdogs sold!)


Think you got what it takes to be a paramedic in Los Santos? Then please signup with us today! Your pay will increase overtime and you’ll earn money whilst helping people.