1. Go to any store (closes near grove street is a petrol station) and buy some lockpicks.
  2. Go to Grove Street and walk up to any of the front doors, if it says “USE a lockpick to Rob this House”, then the house is robbable.
  3. Do as the message says, go to your inventory by pressing F2 and drag the lockpick onto USE in the middle.
  4. The lockpicking process will being, it’ll only take a few seconds. THE POLICE WILL BE ALERTED EVERYTIME!
  5. Once you are in, there are many locations you can walk up to and press the E key to rob.
  6. Be quiet though, as there will be a pedestrian sleeping, if you awake them, they will beat the crap out of you.
  7. Rob as many things as you can and get the hell out of there before the cops arrive!

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