LifestyleRP has a few great ways to make money, whether it’s robbing citizens or businesses, there’s always a way. In LifestyleRP you can rob shops, people, vehicles and houses. Being a criminal can have its perks by making money quickly and easily. But watch out, the cops are always on parole and ready to take you in!


Apply for many Whitelisted Jobs on our server. You can apply via the tablet in-game or on this website. Just go to “Recruitment” at the top of the page. We have Police, Medics, Taxi Drivers currently available. If you prefer, a job that isn’t whitelisted, then in-game, visit the job center.


You must make sure to eat and drink or else you will start feeling very ill and possibly… die. Visiting the locations above and many more around the map, will allow you to eat burgers, drink Cola, Water and many more, to stay hydrated and energetic. You could also have a cheeky pint of beer or a vodka shot at the bar, but just to warn you, these will lead to very….. Drunken moments. The bars below include the “Hunger, Thirst and Drunken” state of your player.


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